Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Campus Memories....

It's 1 in the morning, and I have bucketloads to do for tomorrow. Sleep is a constant temptation. I stay at the comp, trying hard to concentrate. I start feeling a bit peckish, and a trip to the fridge lands me nothing interesting. I come back to the comp and feel that something is wrong, something is not the way it should be.

Its these moments when I realize how much I miss campus, the freedom, the constant companionship, the food at strange hours, the 'always on' status that campus is in. Sure, I have a great flatmate, but he is human, and admits defeat to me by around 11 pm, just about when I am getting into the flow of things and reclaiming my day. I have no Bhale next door to knock on the door of, with the sure knowledge that he'd be as hungry and enthu as me to go grab a bite. There's no NC, no hot cheese sandwiches and steaming maggi till 1.30. I have to play the music at an ever-decreasing volume lest I piss off the neighbours. Within an hour or so, I will also have to admit defeat. Not because I am tired, but simply because I am in a jet lag of my own, with only the mosquitoes for company. There's no Nammi to bug or to go hang around with in her room, nor the ever-reclining Kaveesh with his hukkah, nor Sam chatting up the girls. No impromptu intellectual or silly conversations on the hostel floor, no hollering for Virapandy to come for a cuppa. No going for an occasional solo walk around the amphi, half enjoying the fantastic atmosphere and half watching out for the crazy dogs that have suddenly made campus their home. No ghostly hauntings of the library till the wee hours, catching up with the weeks' newspapers at 4 in the morning. No half a dozen cups of coffee, no chats with the canteen guy playing the randomest selection of music.

Crap man. Its all over. Bloody hell. The outside world seems so boring, so staid, so.. dead. I love these wee hours, staying up till dawn, but I can't do it anymore. Days count, and matter, and cannot be trifled with. Each day goes into a ledger, to come back to haunt you if you have been lazy. Oh, how I loved those countless, senseless days which seemed to go on and on and on... God's Own Kampus, I miss ye :(

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