Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chikungunya Sucks :|

I always thought that the whole thing about getting tropical diseases when you live in, err, the tropics and close to large forested areas was a bit of a stretch. I don't mean that there don't exist ghastly diseases which cause some amount of rather unpleasant stuff, but I always though that the odds of getting one were rather remote, and that it was something that was more talked about to get the sympathy vote rather than anything else.

Well, as the fella up there has been trying to make me understand in some rather unpleasant ways, I admit that I was wrong. As wrong as I could I ever be. Wholly, completely wrong. Now could I, please, have the joints of my body back? Yes, it does seem like I don't have them anymore, atleast not in the way I remember they used to be a long, long time ago. Now all they do is stiffen up and pain like somebody's been rolling over them with those cricket pitch rollers. And then they pretend to get well, when all they've done is just pass the buck to some other random joint. Darn, I hate how many joints I have, especially when this bloody disease seems to be on a mission to remind me of all the ones which don't come to mind very often.

It was some time in the end of June or the first week of July, I forget what, when I woke up feeling rather strange. Each and every joint of my body was paining, paining like the dickens. I thought I'd messed up with the whole running thing too much, and my body was wrecking revenge on me. A couple of days rest and I'd be ok, I guessed. I was wrong.

There's something about this disease which makes even the strongest of folks want to break down and cry like a baby. Now I don't claim to belong to that tribe by a long margin, so I got that feeling pretty much every morning when I got up and *tried* to wear my chappals to go to the loo. There isn't a simpler activity and a more painful one when you have Chikun%*(&&%^$^&gunya. One by one, the nasty bug affected every part of my body. Except for my feet, which got special treatment, where the darn thing holidayed for like ever.

Even now, I am not completely over it. A couple of hours of less sleep in a night, and the next day it starts inching back. Asking for a full 10 hours sleep every single night in a b school is a wee bit too much, so every week or so, the virus is back. Add to that the fact that the campus doctor refuses to acknowledge the pain I am going through, and keeps on referring the condition as some 'minor' local viral strain, which does not qualify for medical leave, and I am left frothing out of anger. I only wish, from the very bottom of my heart, that he is visited by the nasty 6 legged flying bug which gave me this hideous thing, very, very soon. x-( Ok, I don't. I seriously can't wish this upon anyone. But atleast he could have given me some leave :(

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