Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Updates... or the lack thereof

Sometime around mid-July : Darn, haven't updated my blog for a week now. Uh Oh.

A week later : Gotta update blog. Gotta update blog. GOTTA UPDATE BLOG. Tomorrow, pakka.

Another week later : Darn blog :|

End of July : My worst writing month ever. ONE blog post. Tomorrow, update, pakka.

August 1st week: What blog? :|

And that's been the state of affairs for a while now. God knows what got into me since I've returned from Europe. I'm having an allergy towards my blog like I've never had for even other people's (kidding, no really, I love them all, please don't stop reading mine :) ). Yeah, it's been a crazy trimester, but I've seen crazier. It's just that as I progress through my MBA, I get worse and worse with this whole procrastination business. I have a sinking feeling that I am going to end up being an absolutely worthless imbecile by the time I am done with this place. Not that I am very far away from it, but the final shove, yeah, that's happening very soon.

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