Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A crazy day!

I am still hunting for the senior who told me that second year was going to be a 9 month long vacation. Especially since having 20 hour days is not my idea of a vacation. How does it happen that the exact combination of subjects that you have chosen is the worst possible amongst the couple of hundred ones possible (possibly more, I suck at P & C)? So here I am, stuck with enough coursework to last a year, while the guys who've taken fin are having the time of their lives. They seem to be lounging around everywhere, cracking up when I run past them, rushing from one group meeting to another.

The last day of June was the pits for me. This was the exact sequence of events :

00.30 hrs : Wake up in a completely confused and bewildered state after having fallen asleep half-way through reading some case. Cannot fathom where I am and why it is dark outside (I dont recall the last time I woke up when it was dark outside)
00.45 : Continue with reading the case
02.00 : Get a call for a group meeting for discussing a marketing case, submission due the next day
04.00 : Finish case analysis after tearing half of my hair out (group meetings, AAAARGH!)
04.00 - 05.00 : Reply to some emails which have been dropping lower and lower in my inbox, wonder whether it really matters that I reply any more, especially since it's quite possible that the recipient has forgotten everything about the matter and me.
5.00 : Fall asleep at the comp, get up with a start to check if I've caused any permanent damage to my precious mac. Having dandruff sucks in ways more than one.
5.00 -8.00 : Sleep. Thank god for small mercies.
8.00 : Wake up in a completely confused and bewildered state again, look at my watch and try to figure out if its 8 pm or 8 am. It's bloody dark outside due to the rains. Fight with myself whether I should get up now or sleep for another 45 minutes.

Wanting-to-be-good-me (M1): Get up, you lazy slob.
Lazy, sleepy me (M2): Zzzzzzzz
M1: Get up now or you wont be able to have a bath.
M2: Dont wanna have a bath....
M1: You didnt have one yesterday. Or day before.
M2: Nobody knows...
M1: You don't even have a deo.
M2: Nobody knows.
M1: Nobody will want to sit next to you in class.
M2: (a) Everybody else is as sleepy / stinky / indifferent as I am
(b) I always sit in the last row; nobody is gonna leaving a precious last row seat empty to avoid sitting next to a stinking pig
(c) I don't sodding care
M1: Go have breakfast.
M2: Dont wanna have breakfast...
M2: Huh?

8.30: I trudge into the bath, slip over the soapy floor and almost ensure that I don't see the place again for a while
8.45 - 8.55: Gobble down breakfast while watching completely bewildered looking fachchas wander around aimlessly with their breakfast plates.
9.00 - 12.20: Marketing Class, and we end up playing the Beer Game. Without any beer, of course, if only our educational institutions were a bit more fun, I would have taken to this game rather wholeheartedly. What's this balderdash about too much inventory and all, gimme the real thing and all you'll have are backlogs. I guess they'd figured that out and thought matchsticks were a better idea after all. Can't have stuff disappearing half-way down the supply chain, can we? Anyway, the game itself was pretty good, I guess.
12.30 - 13.30 : Another class of marketing, though it's a different course. Nobody's read the case, so we have to do that in class, and get into groups and answer some questions which will be graded. More work.
13.30 - 14.00 : Lunch, thank god for another small mercy.
14.00 - 15.00 : Work on a write-up due in Strategy class at 15.10. My brain's dead, and I just can't think of anything remotely innovative to write. Finally end up writing something.
15.00 - 15.10 : Mad dash from room to computer center to print out the assignment. It's in .docx format, unreadable, damn you, MS. Have to get a print fast and reach class before 15.10, the strat proff locks the door and leaves you outside feeling like a real jackass if you miss getting in on time. Finally manage to get a print, and sprint through the rain to class in time.
15.10 - 17.20 : Strat class
17.20 - 19.30 : More submissions and assignments and readings for tomorrow, try to read up for the fin class later, but I am brain dead
21.30 : Fin class. Good proff, and sounds interesting. Am still following what he's saying, which is a great deal for me.
21.45 : Fall asleep, head on table.
21.55 : Get up with a start, get angry at myself for sleeping when I so badly want to listen.
22.00 : Fall asleep again.
22.25 : Get up, listen to proff for a few minutes, realize I already have no clue what he's talking about. Get really annoyed for having slept off, then mad at the whole world for getting me into this state. Sulk till end of lecture.
23.40 : Lecture ends, walk back to room, angry, irritated and very tired.
23.45 : Go to bed, beyond the point of caring whether there was anything to be read for the next day. Baah!

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