Friday, March 13, 2009

When the days drag by...

It's a rather dull time on campus here. All through this, we had something or the other going on. Most of first term passed by in a whizz, with assignments and classes and fake assignments from seniors and trying to cope up with the crazy schedule. By the time we had any time to breathe, it was second term, and with it summer placements. Second half of second term went in recuperating from summers, and enjoying the first real slightly relaxed time we had since landing up here. The first half of the third term passed by quickly in a spate of campus events and long weekends. And then, we landed up here, third term, second half.

Hmm. The hitch is, there is not much to do. Either the workload has decreased dramatically, or we have managed to adapt. Whichever it is, this is getting on many people's nerves. It's definitely on mine. It's kinda frustrating to be driven up the wall for around 7 and a half months by the workload, and then realize that you have nothing to do. it doesn't help that Term 3 is the longest of first year.

So here we are, waiting for term 3 to meander its way to an end. I am sure that relief, more than anything else, will be the paramount emotion on campus on 31st March.

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