Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wanna sleep... :|

Sleep is a funny thing. I never seem to have enough of it, especially in business school. Yet, when I have the time to get as much of it as I want, I don't use it to sleep. Or, rather, I can't fall asleep. Which is a bit ironic, funny and irritating, all at the same time. For I tend to fall asleep everywhere, and at all times. In class. In the library. While sitting somewhere. It just seems like an inescapable fact of life, falling asleep all the time. And then, when I have the time and the place to actually sleep, through some weird mechanism, my body refuses to listen. That is what happens to me nowadays in trains.

I had to go to Chennai for some urgent work. I'd been way short of sleep for around a week before that, caught up in submissions and project work, and I figured that the journey would be a perfect way to reduce the sleep debt before it went to ridiculous levels during the exams. And sure enough, I started drifting into a nice, fuzzy sort of slumber when I lay down on my berth and plugged in my iPod. And I did fall asleep. But then, sharp at 3.30, when not a soul was awake in the train, I woke up. And I was wide awake. And try what I did, nothing would make me even remotely sleepy. I tried music, but that didn't work. I thought of mucking around with the laptop, but that was a bit awkward since I couldn't sit up straight on my upper berth. So then I proceeded to do what I like doing the most during train journeys - get out of the cold as hell AC compartment and watch the world go by at the door. There's something about this which can make me do this for hours and hours, whether it's daylight or dark, morning or evening, some stunning forests passing by or an urban landscape with its filth and glitzy lights and people waiting impatiently at railway crossings. Which is all fine, but the important point here was that instead of reducing the debt, I was adding onto it. Oh boy...

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