Friday, March 20, 2009


3 am. A few dozen souls strewn around along the walls. A tired DJ taking yet another request for the 'last' song. A sad looking bartender trying to tell half a dozen folks that the booze was indeed over. And a hundred and fifty odd, rather dazed and somewhat drunk fellows wondering how it could all get over so quickly. How 2 years, and for many of them, 2 of the best years of their lives, could pass by so quickly. How they would adapt to the world outside again, and live 'normal', routine lives. Another couple of hundred folks thinking that they'd be in the very same place, just a year down the line, and that how horrible that would be.

We often tend to live life by taking for granted the things around. And so it was, for almost a year. We ran around, studied a bit, partied a bit more, and rotted around a lot more, all with the supremely arrogant assumption, atleast a sub-conscious one, that we would be able to do this, live this incredible life of comfort and be surrounded by friends, and have it all for the rest of our lives. And then, suddenly, it strikes you, one fine day, that things will change, change forever, and we will miss these days like we have probably missed nothing else in life. That was what the farewell party did to us juniors. While the seniors went around hugging and saying good-byes, we went around wondering how it could be that we had only a year left, and only 9 months of that on God's own campus.

Parties here generally tend to be rather wild and vigorous. Parties are enjoyed out-and-out. The mood is exuberant and ecstatic. Yesterday, however, felt different. It was as if everybody wanted to enjoy this party, this one last party by not completely letting go. There was a sense of restraint and a feeling of nervous laughter in the air.

So that's it from the seniors. They have been an interesting bunch, and there's no doubt that life here would be much tougher and much less fun without them being around. I'd always thought that the junior-senior thing was a tad overhyped, but after landing up here, I'd say I was wrong. They've helped us get used to the system, find our ways through and at times around it. They've been there to guide us through the nonsense that business school life tends to degenerate into at times. They've been there during testing times, like during the summer internship selection process to give us a sense of perspective and keep reminding us to look at the bigger picture. And now, suddenly, they are gone, and we are left to ourselves here for a year. It's not that after a year here we can't really take care of things ourselves, but having somebody you can always approach for just about anything kinda rocks. And for that we'll miss them.

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