Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bananas, Part 2

So there're aspects to banana loving which I missed out on. Oh boy.

It's all nice to have the yellow fruit as an occasional snack to prevent you from tearing yet another packet of chips. But then that means you have to have the stuff in fair numbers in your room. Unfortunately, that brings with it its own set of problems. Which I realized a little too late into my banana obsession.

I used to wonder why the room smelt a bit funny when I entered it lately. Being the lazy pig that I am, I never pursued it too much till, one fine day, it became a tad unbearable. The combination of the tropical fruit, a nice, warm and humid climate, and extended periods of the room being completely closed meant that I would almost gag every time I entered the place. Trust me, a warm room full of the smell of warm bananas does not make for a pleasant experience. But then I had little choice, what with the resident feline making it a point to prove it to me that she owned the area comprising of my room, whenever she could gain access to it. Now, I have no problems with felines. They are rather nice creatures. But this one's slinky, and really scared of anything that moves, and scares the living daylights out of me given half a chance. So closed it has to be, the room.

The second problem is way more annoying. The campus is full of these largish red ants, who pretty much infest the place. I got the shock of my life when I first entered the room and found it a wee bit full of them. Now, red ants are scary. They have a nasty bite, and I'd give them a wide berth on most occasions. Thankfully, the Kozhikode variety was much more docile. They were the most unaggressive creatures around, and never bit. That was a relief, and improved relations between parties to a great extent, but I still didn't fancy them going all over the place. A bit of ant chalk did the trick for a while. Until I got the bananas.

Apparently, I am not the only one who loves bananas. So every time I get the stuff from downhill and keep it in my room, the whole place is pretty much swarming with ants in a while. Entering a hot, humid, and pungent smelling room full of ants on a regular basis is not something which I take to too kindly. Unfortunately, I don't have much choice here, so I have to live with these side-effects. Maybe I should just succumb to temptation and buy one of those stalks of bananas having a hundred odd of them and hang it in the balcony, outside the room. But then, I somehow foresee trouble from simian quarters in case I do that. The last thing, and this is laster than not wanting ants and a warm, smelly room, I want is to find a happy langur, having managed to figure out a way to open my balcony door, sitting pretty on my bean bag, eating my bananas!

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