Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yet again, exam week :|

Exam week. Not a great way to start with it, with a Financial Management quiz on monday. And a couple of lectures. The next 4 days would be intense, with hundreds and hundreds of pages of reading material to make my way through, stay up all night and then stab at the answer sheet in my severely sleep-deprived, groggy state. That's the way it was. It started with the FM paper, another finance paper which left a major chunk of the junta scratching their heads. The remaining 6 papers were mostly un-analytical, which was good in a way because it made things less black or white in terms of scoring in them, but which meant that you had to read tonnes of material. Operations Management was an exception, with an out and out analytical paper.

As usual, I had to make things dramatic atleast once, with my usual exam paranoia. This is something which hits me during exams, for no fathomable reason. It starts with me thinking of doomsday scenarios, of me not being able to solve anything in the paper and flunking. This quickly develops into outright paranoia, and leaves me in a hapless state, at my wits end. However, I somehow manage to make use of whatever time is there, and go through the stuff properly. The end result, as always, is ironic... I end up doing the best in the particular subject. It happened in the first sem in accounting, and I ended up creaming the paper. It happened this time in Operations Management, when I drove myself crazy wondering what all stuff he'd taught in class. It took a rather annoyed and at-the-end-of-her-tether Namrata to point out that I'd been reading notes which had been made well over 2 years ago, and which were not at all relevant to our batch. So finally, after a dramatic night, I closed my laptop shut at 6 in the morning, and went out and solved everything.

Friday evening, and finally, we were done. This would be the last really stressful exam, atleast physically, for the end-sems were scheduled across a weekend again. Next year, thankfully, we'd be having much fewer subjects, so we'd be spared the agony of going sleepless for almost a week.

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