Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tidying up sucks!

It's funny how silly things can make you nostalgic. There I was, 'untidying' my room, trying to turn it from something which resembled a typical hostel room into something which resembled a slightly atypical hostel room. That mostly comprised of folding clothes and keeping things in places where they ought to be in in the first place. As usual, I stumbled across (relatively) long-forgotten scraps of paper, a bill here and a derivation there, a few hurriedly solved sums on the night before a paper. And suddenly this wave of depression struck me.. all of this felt so far away. And a year later, I'd be doing exactly the same thing, except that I'd be packing it for good. Heck, I wasn't even packing for leaving the place for summers, and I was getting nostalgic. Boy, there's going to be a problem next year!

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