Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chill? Huh?

Third sem was supposed to be nice and chill. It's turning out to be anything but that. After 2 weeks of fairly low academic pressure, suddenly the knobs were turned t maximum. So we had one marathon week of 6-7 hours of lectures per day, followed by 2 in which we had a quiz almost every day. I know that the intention behind having regular quizzes is to make us lazy folks atleast glance through the books once before the exams, but having one every day for a fortnight kind of defeated the purpose. For after the first few, everybody became incredibly bored and tired of the whole thing, and stopped studying, except for the last 30-45 minutes they got after lunch and before the quiz.

But you can't have a quiz and not relax the day before, even if you dont study. Atleast I cant. It stays at the back of my head and keeps poking me when I am doing something which does not fall under studying. Which means almost everything, and which makes things mighty irritating. So, effectively, you dont study, you drive yourself up the wall and you turn up for the quiz every afternoon when you'd rather having a nice nap, cursing and swearing at the powers to be. I doubt that's what they had in mind. But then a 'meeting of minds' between the admin and students is rare in our academic system. Knowing how incredibly enthusiastic people are in general, I have a feeling it's a good idea though, the way things are!

So there ended week 5 of the third sem, which left us with another one to tackle in this half of the sem. As always, time has flown by. Why wouldn't it, of course, when you rot around and have a whale of a time when the going's good, and then watch the days fly by when you are ear deep in work..

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