Thursday, January 29, 2009

A pleasant experience...

A nasty little bug decided that my right eye was a good place to commit suicide, the consequence of which was that I found myself trooping all over the place in a hospital in Kozhikode on an otherwise sunny morning. I came in expecting a long day ahead, with multiple queues and heavy use of sign language. What I went through, however, was a revelation. It was a spacious, impeccably clean place. Not posh, not jazzy, but well-designed and functional. All support staff understood english and spoke it well, the counters were easy to find and directed me to the next ones properly. There were separate counters for getting an appointment, for billing, cash payments, and for buying medicines. They'd take the prescription from you, ask you to sit and call out when they'd managed to fetch it. There was a nice little coffee machine, and the rates were not outrageous. Neither did the doctor charge exorbitant consultation charges, definitely nowhere close to what I expected considering how well maintained the place was. All in all, it was a good experience, and way, way better than what I've had in the best hospitals in Pune, which are, at best, a chaotic mess. There are some things Kozhikode which are really impressive, and which put 'better' developed cities like Pune and Mumbai to shame.

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