Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The holidays continue.... well, almost..

The first 2 weeks of a term are such bliss. Classes are just starting, with no submissions and assignments. With just 4-5 hours of lectures every day, life's good. You can rot around and waste time without feeling guilty, and loaf around doing anything anywhere. Especially now that summers and all that is done with, and some fun events like Sangram ( the IIMB - IIMK sports meet ) done and IIMK's signature event, Backwaters coming up, it's celebrations all the way!! Enjoy it till it lasts, which isn't going to be too long, but what the heck! :)

2 subjects really catch my eye this term.. Environment Management and Business Law. Environment Management is something which I believe will grow in importance over other conventional courses, as the world struggles to deal with climate change and realizes that business as usual is not quite an option. It's good to see sustainable development and such concepts not being left to 'those greenies', and being made a compulsory course in institutions like the IIMs. Business Law looks interesting simply because law interests me, and whatever little I have read of it didn't bore me in the least. Aah, not a bad term, from the looks of it! Hopefully, that judgement will not change in the coming few weeks!!

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