Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chilling out!

There's something so incredible about having a week of nothing to do! A week of sleeping as much as you want, and no tension of work or studies or other such frivolous activities. A week of catching up with people and roaming around in your hometown discovering new additions to the urban landscape. Such are my term breaks, and I welcome them with an enthusiasm which is quite contrary to what my seniors had promised me, saying that I'd get bored in a few days and want to come back. As incredible as Kampus is, there's no way I am gonna be missing it!

So passed by the week in a flurry of activity, and as expected, I was packing my bags with a strong feeling of regret for not spending enough time home. 10 days had passed by in a blur, though, to be reasonable, they pass by just quickly on campus. So it wasn't unfair or anything, and the theory of relativity didn't quite apply :P

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