Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The seniors had been going ga-ga over it since day 1, and most people from first year were rather curious about how it would be, IIMK's annual cultural-cum-everything-else event, Backwaters.

It was a weekend which disappointed at first, then slowly gathered steam, and ended with a finale that took our breath away. Having a campus located more or less in the middle of nowhere can be slightly problematic when you want a rocking fest with tons of visitors dying to get in. It's tough to expect that we could successfully compete with schools in the big cities, but then this logic is difficult to digest even when you know it makes perfect sense.

Saturday night was culturals night, with some rather good performances from visiting teams. The big thing, however, was the backwaters party that night, which as usual, rocked. A party was due since long, the last one being the Summers one, 2 long months ago. Many clouds had passed under the auditorium since then, and a biggie was due. It started late, and ended later than ever. It would be the last 'mess' party for the seniors, for they would soon leave campus to enter the big bad (literally, now!) world.

Sunday evening started slowly with a classical instrumental performance which was excellent but kinda dull for people who didn't understand the stuff. The finale, however, was something which will stay in our memories for a long, long time. Gaurav Dagaonkar, IIMA alum and a full time music artist now, delivered a performance which had us dancing, shouting and jumping all over the place. It was nothing short of brilliant, especially since we finally had somebody who knew the culture and the attitudes so well and could identify with them. An outsider, as much as he tries, can rarely understand these things, and to have someone who did, and weave that understanding into some brilliant music, was incredible.

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