Thursday, January 15, 2009

6 Random Things

I knew about email chain letters and such tripe. But a blogging chain 'letter' was news to me, when good ol' chuck ordered me to do as told. Which was to write a blog on 6 things about me. Rather arbit, you'd argue. So did I. But then, what the heck... So here I go.

Lifting the 'rules' straight from Chuck's blog...

1. I shall write 6 random things, and 'tag' six people to continue this
2. They shall proceed to write six random things, and 'tag' six random people
3. They shall intimate me when done.


1. I think running is one of the coolest activities in the world.

2. I think I am gonna need a crash course on anti-procrastination first thing after I am out of here, if I am to do anything worthwhile again in life.

3. The best part of the day is from 6 to 9 in the morning after a night without any sleep.

4. A good way to stop making people talk about how thin I am is to stop cutting my hair, so that they just run away without saying anything.

5. Not having large eyes is an incredible stroke of luck when attendance is compulsory in a MBA course.

6. Having a valley facing room a mere 15 kms away from the beach makes you stop valuing both these things.

Now, nominations..... what a time, when dear ol' blogspot has decided that it does not like my bloglist too much, and has therefore deleted the list of blogs I follow..

I now nominate...... ( scratches head ) the following :

- Arslan Aziz
- Rohan Jaikishen
- Ankit Agarwal
- Vaibhav Saxena
- Svetlana Mahajan
- Persis Taraporevala

Yippee, it's done :P

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