Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So along comes 2009. Why is that a mere change of a number makes everybody feel so optimistic about things to come? Just because 8 has changed to 9 should make everything fine, eh? I guess we all need something to clutch at, some reason to drive some optimism into our otherwise pessimistic minds. So that's how I am too, in these first few days of the new year. Optimistic. Happy that 2008 has ended. Hoping that numerology does work and delivers some joy!

Lots of things planned for 09, hoping to achieve at least a few of them... I've been more pragmatic this time around, and have kept slightly more achievable goals. So I'll make a list of the things I will NOT be attempting this year :P

1. I shall not try to do superly well in academics. Not because I don't want to or any such snooty excuses, but because I know I can't :D So I'll enjoy my life and won't.
2. I shall not wake up early every morning. Because that drives me up the wall and is not sustainable from a long-term point of view. I shall accept that I am built for being nocturnal and shall get on with life.
3. I shall not harbour fanciful ideas of dramatically changing my reading habits and start reading philosophy. Especially since I have not read even half a non-study book since landing up here. I shall stick to my (once upon a time) staple diet of Wodehouses, Archers and the odd random book I find interesting. I shall gracefully accept the fact that that is as far I can go. The ethics course text has taught me a valuable lesson!
4. I shall not buy more clothes simply because I am too bored to wash the ones I have :P I shall wash, and reuse and rediscover stuff that I never knew I had.
5. I shall not let my costly bean bag be a repository of a) clothes b) the helmet c) odds and ends from the last shopping trip d) the library book which was due in september e) a collection of issues of the Business Standard since inception.
6. I shall not call people fat when I look more like a scarecrow with a mop on top than a real scarecrow with a mop on top would look like.
7. I shall not leave the balcony door open when I leave the room so that I freak out when I touch something warm and furry inside my wardrobe, which happens to be the cat-who's-always-having-kittens's kitten.

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