Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sem 2 draws to a close...

Aah, well, for a change, we didn't have anything like an exam week. Through some possible scheduling goof-up, the end-term exams for Term 2 were schedule across a weekend. By that I mean that we had 2 papers before the weekend and 2 after. With people studying less and less as the course progresses, and this sem's courses being more understanding based and analytical, the cumulative effect was that exams this time around were much less stressful. All in all, the second semester drew to a close in a much calmer way.

We still had lectures scheduled in the days before the papers, with some important OR stuff being taught 2 days before the exam. I guess the admin seriously believes in continuous and regular studies :| The problem with lectures in the exam week isn't the lectures themselves.. as in an hour or so is not that important, even when you have 2 papers about which you have little clue waiting for you the next day. The issue is that these lectures will invariably be in the morning. Which means I have to get up in the forenoon, or worse, in the morning. Which means I can't put in an all-nighter the previous night. So the straightforward effect of having lectures on days before the exams is that there is a direct negative effect on my grades. Which makes me hopping mad. This is something I love about the engineering system. 45 days of prep leave in which you have hibernate if you want, for god's sake. Atleast a business school should have a schedule which favours the night owls... which is more or less everybody here!

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