Sunday, December 7, 2008

Old affiliations call!

Our sections had been shuffled for this second semester, which had caused a fair bit of heartburn amongst us, especially since we'd started to have a real neat time in class. I guess the professors didn't approve too much of the camaraderie we had. Anyway, so we all decided to meet up for old times sake, and went out for a 'B-Section' Party. Thankfully, the restaurant manager was smart enough to let us loose only inside a separate hall. Short of having a food fight and beaning each other, we pretty much created a fair bit of ruckus and mess. Whatever food came our way was attacked with a gusto. I keep seeing the scared-as-shit waiter syndrome a fair bit here. I wonder whether it's just here or also prevalent in other business school afflicted towns. An apprehensive looking chap will arrive with whatever you have arrived. He'll look around and ask a few people as to where that particular piece of edible matter was supposed to land. After getting more than a dozen authoritative replies of right here, right here, he quickly plonks it on the nearest horizontal surface available, withdraws his now-in-dangerous-territory limbs with the agility of a cornered snake and runs for his life. What follows is a scene which concerned mothers should shield their children from, as a couple of dozen otherwise perfectly sane folks jump onto the plate like a mass of crocodiles fighting over a recently pulled down beast, in the wilds of Africa. The crocodiles atleast leave the bones behind.

Satiated and tired after fighting for our food and getting it, we streamed out, boisterous as ever. I am sure we drive restaurant owners and managers here up the wall. They can't throw us out because it's just plain bad business refusing entry to a total of 400 odd customers, most of whom would have no qualms spending more than almost any of your regular customers. At the same time, with the way we behave, they wouldn't have too many regular customers. I think the manager of the Taj here would soon happily ban us from the premises, with the new found, unarguable reason of 'security hazard'.

Well, we do listen to them a bit when they request us to quieten down a wee bit, and haven't got any of them really cheesed off at us, so we don't seem to be doing too badly.

Needless to say, we had a great time. Strange to have a reunion when we were all of a sem and half into a MBA, but, well, as long as it makes sense, why not...

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