Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life's a brick game...

The fourth or the fifth week of the second half of a semester is the one in which you started realizing that there are, err, a few project deadlines which are round the corner, and which would require a bit of serious work. Mails then start going around, pleading with group members to turn up at unholy hours. Huddles of worried and bored looking chaps can be seen everywhere, hunched over their laptops, busy chatting with somebody on their gtalk list while appearing to work hard.

This semester was a nightmare in terms of project deliverables. Almost every subject had some submission or the other, and they just kept coming at us one after the other, like a never ending stream of coloured bricks in computer games. A MBA, however, teaches you one thing - if it has to be done, it will, in all possibility, get done.

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