Thursday, December 4, 2008

In the middle..

Life at a b-school soon settles down into a fairly established routine, depending on how close (or far) you are from the exams. As the semesters progress, even that stops affecting you. It can start getting a bit too routine at times, though I guess it won't even come close to the drudgery that life is in the corporate world.

The last week was like that. Classes, hauling myself out of bed at 9.05 or 9.10, making a reasonable attempt to not look like something they hauled out of the rainwater harvesting pond, a mad dash up the stairs to the main area, squinting in the bright light outside, huffing and puffing my way to class and finally plonking myself on my seat. I would have loved to add 'and going back to sleep', but the smart schedule setters had considered that possibility, and scheduled lectures first up in which sleeping had the potential of causing a sharp dip in your grade. So there I was, looking like a zombie, trying to make sense of salesmen running helter-skelter between delivery points or wondering how much it cost today to start a project in the next millennium but for which you would take a loan in the next century for an interest rate of 7.4573589 percent calculated semi-hourly, and which had a risk probability of 0.45379 if I became the prince of egypt and 0.5634 if the arctic ice depletion suddenly reversed and an ice age took over the world. My instinctive answer of none, nil, null, shoonya didn't amuse the professor, who didn't appreciate the use of the gaping loophole he'd left while framing the question. Like Calvin, I will make complete use of loopholes.

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