Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And the End-terms come visiting again...

OR and OM on day 1. Not very stressful, for the simple reason that few people have a clue about what really goes on in OR. I seem to do better than average here, so no worries. No reason to worry about OM either, the mechanical engineering background (finally) comes to the rescue. So day 1 is manageable, I think.

Alas, the OR paper was a bit of a disaster. By disaster, I mean it went kinda bad while it went fairly well for others. It's not a disaster if everybody screws it up, due to the relative grading system :) OM was average. A so-so start to the exams.

Day 2 was important. I had a below average macro-economics score in the mid-sems, and had to make up to avoid a low grade. Like Micro-economics, I had little clue about the subject for a long time. When I finally got down to read it properly, and I think i did a fair job of it, I started liking it, just like micro. I don't know how relevant these textbook theories are in real life, but the fact the front page of the pink dailies actually make some sense to me is so much of a morale-booster. I could now faff beautifully about fiscal policy changes and rate cuts. More seriously, it's actually quite an eye-opener, macro-economics.

Business ethics followed in the afternoon, which went fine. It's tough to do too well or too badly in subjects like ethics and sociology, which is just fine with me!

As expected, everybody had left the post-weekend subjects for the weekend. Again, as expected, nobody studied after the paper on friday or much on saturday. Which meant that come Sunday, and everybody was running around in a state again. So much for using the break! This is one MBA habit which I have to break out of. The tendency to leave EVERYTHING to the last moment. I think we should be having rigorous anti-procrastination courses :| It's crazy, it's irritating, and it makes me mad at myself. And yet I don't change. Procrastination has become a big problem :|

Monday morning, and the Financial Management paper is so tough, that it's funny. Few people have a clue about anything in the paper. I have a sneaking suspicion whether we actually had all that stuff... I mean 200 odd not-so-bad brains can't not have a clue, can they? Organizational Behaviour follows in the afternoon. My sole chance of getting a A+ this semester. Or in the entire course, I have a feeling. Anyway, I botch things up quite well, ensuring there's no way I am getting a A+. An A if I am lucky, or a A- most possibly. Darn.

Last day, and only a single paper. Management Accounting. After studying for a few hours, Mandy, the senior who's a CA, responds to a SOS and makes things much simpler and manageable. The paper's a dream, unfortunately, everybody's creamed it. Well, no issues, as long as I am not the one screwing up!

And that's that! I am a M. Out of a MBA. My friend says we get a PGDM, not a MBA. Darn. 0.33 PGDM doesn't sound that cool :|

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