Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's as if the fella up there is thinking that I am being a bit of a chump by not being up to see the painting he's just painted. It's another typical morning for me otherwise, but for some strange reason, I will sit bolt upright in bed at 6.30ish, only to see the most stunning displays in the eastern skies. It's happened before, and it happened again. I'd slept at 3, and intended to sleep till 8.30, but for some weird reason I got up feeling as fresh as I ever could. I quickly picked up my camera and shot a few snaps. Why it never occurs to me to go around and get some better views than what my hostel offers is beyond me. Anyway, I did take some fairly decent shots and promptly went back to sleep. A couple of days later, I remembered them and saw them on the laptop, and was rather stunned to see them. This was by far the best sunrise I'd seen after coming here. I really need to keep a watch on sunrises here.

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