Sunday, November 2, 2008

A peaceful week

A combination of Diwali and the summers week meant that we had 5 lecture-free days from Wednesday to Sunday. With the mid-sems next week, this was a blessing straight from the heavens. Somehow, however, this sem, the intensity was slightly less. One week before the mid-sems last term meant almost every soul slogging it out all night. This term, however, the mood on campus was much more jovial and chilled out. I guess it was like the seniors were telling us... first sem you'll all run around like headless chickens. Second sem onwards you'll all realize where you all fit in and leave the running around to the few souls who will fight it out for the top few places :D

It's much easier to study when there are no lectures. You can study late into the night without worrying about dozing off next day and getting on the wrong side of a professor. That's a constant worry with having late nights. You never know when you'll get into the sort of stupor usually the result of a bad night out with fermented liquids, when your eyes will slowly start closing, and when the professor who so far sounded like he was singing a lullaby suddenly noting your roll number down for getting even later :|

So there went the week... sleeping every night at 4 or 5, waking up just in time for lunch, lazing around in the afternoon, and lamenting how another day had passed by without any substantial deductions from the studies-to-be-done account. All in all, a rather non-happening week, other than the celebrations on 31st evening.

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