Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Evening, Komrades!

I'd always wanted to become a RJ. It seemed rather like a fun thing to do. Which is why I'd been rather gung-ho about RJing for K-Dio, the campus radio. Unfortunately, things hadn't taken off in the first sem, and I'd forgotten everything about it. Till now, when Nikhil aka Khadoos decided to take matters in his own hands. And so started our everyday adventure. So most evenings we now have a couple of people trying their best to bore the hell out of everybody else on campus. It's incredible fun, though thinking up stuff to say on the spot when you are live on air can get tough. You have to really think on your feet. Thankfully, the junta here is rather accommodating, and forgives us for the bloopers we tend to commit. Hopefully, we'll get better with time. We should, because it would be quite a feat to get any worse!

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