Saturday, November 1, 2008

And we're done!

This is going to be a bad year.
All b-schools are going to go into rolling.
Placements are going to be hard to come by.
Top companies are going to stay off.

And on and on it went. Doomsday scenarios were thought of by everybody. With the fall of LB and Merrill Lynch, the cat was literally amongst the pigeons. Buck up, said the seniors. Tough times are coming.

And so they started. Reports started coming in on how other places were doing badly. There was utter secrecy and mystery surrounding the entire process. The air was thick with crazy rumours of substantial portions of the batch being unplaced in many b-schools. 100 year. 60 there. Little came in the media, everybody was waiting for somebody else to get going.

Placecoms calls for a meet on the last day of the summers process. This will be the last batch meet we will be calling, was the opening line. As you'll know, IIM Kozhikode is the first top tier business school to be done with its summers' placement process, they continued. 100% placements, by the scheduled date. And so they went on. While we all knew that we were close to finishing it off, we didn't know that we'd scored the winning run earlier in the day. With a batch of 260+ it's hard to keep track of who's got placed and who's still left. It was incredible! We'd pulled it off!

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