Friday, November 7, 2008

And here they come! :|

As expected, the 4-5 days without classes passed by rather quickly, without any substantial reduction in the amount to be done for the exams, and we landed up into Monday, the day before the exams. For some obscure reason, the admin had decided that it would be a good idea to have classes on this day. And some of the professors had taken this further, and had decided to keep some nice submissions and presentations for this day. Which meant that a substantial bit of Sunday went into getting the stuff ready for the next day rather than contributing towards the last-ditch effort for the exams. I guess we are expected to study consistently all through the term rather than make a mad dash for it at the end, but I doubt that the concept has really caught on with too many people other than the toppers.

Despite a significantly lower amount of studying, the pressure was quite less this time round. People were keyed up for the exams, but the sense of desperation and tension had vanished. I guess all those pings on the internal messenger by the seniors, asking for the syllabus on the night before the exams started making some sense, though I doubt I'll ever have the guts to keep it till so late :|

The exam schedule was also such that I could get a bit more sleep than the nightmare the previous time. 2 of the toughest subjects - OR and OM, both from the operations domain were on day 1, which meant we could study then comfortably for 2 days. The first day went pretty well, with a reasonably easy OR paper, quite unlike what we'd expected due to the reputation of the prof for setting papers which left everybody wondering what hit them. The OM paper left everybody pleasantly surprise. It was a fundoo paper, a feel-good kinda thing. Even people who'd not bothered to read through the text could have done reasonably well, and there was a perceptible got-out-of-jail kinda feeling after looking at it.

Day 2 was for Macro-economics and Business Ethics. There's something about economics which makes me feel like an absolute idiot. The very sign of a supply demand curve makes me go, Hmm, interesting, what the HECK is that? Micro I had tamed after a death match last semester. I had started getting a feeling that I would have to do something on those lines this time around, too. Business ethics was very interesting, but wasn't really meant for pre-exam reading. The economics paper went sorta ok, only time will tell how it really went. Business ethics was decent, although there were some blank looks when a case had to analyzed by using the ISCT model. Right. What was that again?

Day 3. Management Accounts, of MANAC, or MANiAC, as somebody's gtalk status message read. Despite some anxious moments the night before, it went rather well. I don't know what block I have against accounts. I was absolutely panicking on the day before the paper in the first semester, and then I went and absolutely creamed the thing. It's funny that it scares me so much, especially when I don't do too badly in it :|

Organizational Behaviour in the afternoon. I'd studied well for this, and had a pretty good run. There's something OB and HR which really interests me. Unlike the masses who dread the prospect of studying for OB, I actually look forward to it. For one, it's rather simple to comprehend, atleast the stuff we study. Which is a great start, as that's the stumbling block which ruins most other subjects for me. It doesn't make you feel like a nincompoop, which is a brilliant start for me!

Day 3 evening was quite relaxed, with only FM, Financial Management, to be studied the next day. FM was not bad, it involved a few difficult-grasp-quickly kinda concepts, but as whole, it was rather interesting. There were some furious debates raging well into the morning as to how to interpret certain interest calculations-related stuff, but with the syllabus being not too vast, things were always in control.

The paper went ok. It was a binary sort of paper. You get the logic right, you'll get a good score, if not, you'd have to put in a fair number of hours for the end-sems.

All in all, the exams were much better for me this time around. Whether that translates into a better score remains to be seen, but atleast I didn't drive myself up the wall through lack of sleep due to it. The weekend beckoned, one of the few ones which were absolutely free and tension-less.

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