Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't think he meant the rain. I genuinely think he meant we'll go to see the waterfall. So there I was, a sucker for such things. Thursday. Classes were just over, and I was settling down in my room after a nice lunch, and had picked up a textbook to quicken the process of being overwhelmed by sleep. I love the way a text - any text - makes me sleepy. There's no better way to do it, trust me.

Pratik pings. Wayanad, he says. Yes, nice place, I go. We are going. Define we. You, me, Kaveesh and a senior. Ya, right. And so we go on. And as always, despite the fact that it's been raining like the dickens since 2-3 days, despite the fact that my sleep deficit has reached threatening levels, despite the fact that mid-sems are a fortnight away, I say yes. So off we go at 4.30 to Thusharagiri falls, someway before Wayanad. It's an incredible drive as always, made better by the threatening black clouds overhead and the chill in the air. After going all over the place enough to draw a combined physical and political map of Kerala, we finally reach the place as darkness starts to fall. The falls aren't all that impressive. I'd forgotten the simple rule that had saved me a lot of heart-burn so far. Any place which is easily accessible to tourists aint half as good as the stuff I've seen after trekking all over the place back in Maharashtra. Pookote lake and Soochipara falls had made me forget those wise learnings, at a cost I was paying now. After a 5 minute glance at the falls and an unenthusiastic attempt at a photo which was quickly abandoned after Pratik realized that he needed to replace his batteries, we started on our way back.

That was when the fun started. Rain. Not your usual pitter-patter splotches, but heavy-duty hiding. It just started and went on and on and on. We drove on, desperately watching out for approaching floodlights, and road borders to keep us on track. The rain hit our faces hard, huge, sharp drops piercing into the skin. After a while, we got used to it, and from then on, it was a blast! I've always loved driving in the rain, especially the really torrential types, and this was incredible. We reached campus at around eight in the evening, thoroughly walloped, yet grinning like kids in a candy store. This had been AWESOME!

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