Friday, October 3, 2008

Take 2!

It feels good to be back, have got used to campus life and the craziness that is a part and parcel of it. Life back home was good and chill, but kind of pointless. Campus has changed a lot in the last few days though, and unfortunately not for the better. An incredible patch of forest beside the road has been cleared, I guess for building more classrooms and faculty accommodation. As unavoidable as this is if the institute has to grow bigger, it still feels bad :| For me, one of the biggest attractions of campus is how wild the place is. Unfortunately, the admin seems to feel otherwise, and so we have those horrendous grass cutting machines cutting up the shoulder-high grass which grows all over the place. Again, a sensible course of action when viewed objectively - after all you'd rather not have tall grass and slithering creatures which go with it going all over the place - which they do - when you have more than 400 students and a hundred odd other folks roaming around all over the place. Snake sightings abound; unfortunately, the wrong people end up seeing them :|

Came back here and got back into routine since day 1, except for some minor tweaks here and there in an attempt to keep my resolutions. This semester will probably test our limits like never before. Some of the toughest subjects in the course taught by some of the most demanding professors on campus, and in the middle of all that we'll go through the craziness that Summer placements are. From what I have heard, the summers process is an absolute killer. Sounds interesting now, though whether I'll still subscribe to that opinion a few weeks down the line will be worth watching!

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