Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sundays suck :(

I've come to the startling revelation that Sundays suck. No, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with them. Other than the fact that they always, yes always precede a humongous assignment, which I will, in all probability, start too late and will therefore stay up all night to finish off. I guess the professors are just being nice by keeping submission deadlines on Mondays. They'll get time to do it because of the absence of classes, they must be thinking. Unfortunately, the lack of classes simply translates into reducing 4-5 hours from the sleep deficit account ( deficit sounds way cooler and appropriate for a b-schooler than mere debt :P ), with the result that the whole campus goes around wishing each other 'Morning!' at 2 in the afternoon. Then there is lunch to be had, and you can't really get to work immediately after lunch on a lazy sunday afternoon, can ya. I mean, some sense of ethics a person should have. So there goes the afternoon in rotting around somewhere, maybe the NC, watching the seniors stream out of their sunday afternoon classes and snigger :D Oh, well, I know they have the option of NOT going, because they don't have compulsory attendance :| Take away that sadistic pleasure too!

Evening comes, and with it the sinking feeling that unless I get cracking on it now, it will never end. So then off I go to the library, where I will then spend the next 12 odd hours getting increasingly frustrated, which usually culminates in a hair-pulling bout when I have to watch a stunning sunrise through the library windows. I now understand how those poor butterflies must be feeling when they are stuck behind glass windows :|

So, yet another sunday night cooped up in the library completing an assignment. Yet another monday driving myself up the wall trying not to fall asleep in class. Yawn!

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