Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I shall...

A new semester brings with it new resolutions.... Here are some of them... some which I hope I can pull off, others which I hope aren't that ambitious that I give up on them in a few days!

1. I shall work out in the gym everyday to stop looking like the scarecrow I bear a stark resemblance with ( those yeah, right looks are NOT appreciated )
2. I shall go for a run everyday. Yes, I know I am thin enough. No I don't run to lose weight. I actually love it. No, I don't say that to fool myself into running.
3. I shall try my level best to understand what is happening in class. I tried last semester too. I really did :|
4. I shall binge less and eat less junk food. Don't ask me how I eat all that and still manage to look like a stick insect. If I knew, I wouldn't be one. I currently contribute a fair bit to FritoLay's topline, which I have no intention of doing any more. Nor Britannia, nor Parle. Maybe the local fruit-seller. If only I did not forget to take some money along when I go all the way down to buy fruits :| No more nonsense eating at 4 in the morning.
5. I shall sleep nice and early, even if early means something else in a b-school. And get up early for gym.
6. I shall not drive myself up the wall worrying about my test scores. Especially since worrying isn't getting me anywhere. Although this is subject to my my grades for the first sem.
7. I shall stop being an idiot and keep my reading habit going. In the same vein, I shall introduce an additional step of reading the newspaper between the daily actions of picking it up and keeping it in the old newspapers pile in my room.
8. I shall make my blog posts smaller and more readable and avoid the tendency to bless the population with my largesse.
9. I shall prevent my room from degenerating into the mess it does every fortnight.
10. I shall eat something other than cornflakes and coffee at breakfast and stop giving the mess guy 25 bucks for (almost) free every morning.

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