Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting into the groove, again

The first full week on campus went by quickly - though I don't remember any week which hasn't! There's a peculiar thing about campus life - the pace at which it moves. Days move like hours, weeks like days. I get a call from home or a friend, which I invariably can't take because I am busy. I say I'll call back later. I call back later just to hear either parents who are wondering whether I am ok, or rather pissed off friends who think I am fast getting an attitude. I then say - but you just called me yesterday - I am returning the call. Yesterday? they go. Yesterday? We called you 5 days ago. 5 days, I ask? 5 days? You called me, let me think, when? It was on tuesday, of course, and today is, ooooooooor, errrrrr, ummmm, sunday. In a sheepish voice, I admit my mistake.

I have to say, though, that this had reduced significantly over the last few weeks. People stopped calling. :|

There are less of afternoon and evening lectures this time, which is a real relief. I prefer morning lectures which end by lunch and leave the rest of the day to while away :P

As always, 1 week into the semester and we're already expected to actually know and understand stuff. So we had this small quiz in the class which just reminded everyone that they didn't have much clue about the subject. Which was a bit of a rude shock because I'd actually thought I'd understood it pretty well!

This semester's subjects seem really interesting. We have Financial Management, which is basically an introduction to the world of finance, Operations Research and Ops Management, the difference between which I am still trying to figure out. A background in mechanical engineering does help with these, though, and so does experience in a role which involved a few aspects of supply chain management, or atleast quite some proximity to the people who were in the thick of things. OR and OM, really seem interesting. Which most subjects do. Till I have to mug them for the exams :P Then we have Organizational Behaviour 2, which as the professor says, is Macro OB, as compared to Micro OB last semester. There's Macroeconomics then, Accounting part 2 and Business Ethics, which seems to have a good book. So this semester does look like I'll have a slightly better time than last.

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