Friday, October 31, 2008


All pics courtesy Pratik

Diwali was initially a bit of a damp thing with lectures scheduled on the first 2 days. But trust people here to make the best of everything. Laxmipujan night, and the entire campus was filled with diyas. Every hostel floor, every balcony, every door and every walkway was adorned with these tiny lamps, giving the place a magical, ethereal feel. It was incredible to see the whole place lit up like that, and everyone walking around in traditional attire. Exams and the stress of the on-going summer placements was forgotten in the festive atmosphere.

The stunning F Hostel Decorations

Now, on Laxmipujan, you do a puja of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. But Laxmi was nowhere to be found ( literally, what with the money crisis going on :D ). Bad jokes apart, there was no portrait of Laxmi to be found anywhere on campus. So someone smartly got one of Saraswati, and kept it there in the mess for the Puja. Maybe it was apt that as an educational institution, we should worship Saraswati and not Laxmi. But then we are a business school for heaven's sake. So maybe it aint really apt. Anyway, nobody really noticed, which was quite expected!

The G-Hostel Decorations

It's these moments that make you feel that you will really miss this place a year and a half later. The camaradarie, the high spirits when you are a b-school in the midst of placements in the middle of an economic recession is something which outsiders would find hard to understand. The scenario might be gloomy, but there is this acceptance inside that what has to happen will happen and that there is no point spoiling the few good months you have here thinking about the future. I think this is a very MBA thing. You might have the toughest exam coming up, the biggest assignment due, you'll rarely find anybody fretting about it too much till it's really due. You know that it's gonna some doing, that you're gonna go through hell doing it, but till it hits you, you learn how to enjoy life and forget about your worries. I think it's a very valuable thing to learn, the ability to live in the present and let the future go take a hike, especially when you cant do much about it ( which is the case most of the time ). Life is going to be, undeniably, full of problems, especially the nasty types, and the less you let them get to you till you really are in the middle of them, the better. Now there are quite a few souls who might line up outside my room to give me a hiding for saying this and then worrying about the smallest things in the world all the time, but then I never claimed to be a successful follower of this philosophy. But I will learn, hopefully, some day. I am sure Pratik would be shaking his head when he reads this, though.

All decked up!

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