Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chugging along!

The second weekend of October brought with it IIMK's annual management conclave, Horizons. Horizons 2008 was on a scale never attempted before, with some of the leading personalities from the Media & Entertainment industry, Realty and Retail sectors visiting campus. Some of the sessions, like the one from the Nokia India chief, were simply brilliant. The only problem was, the attendance rule for the regular course lectures meant that most people had something of an allergic reaction to the idea of spending entire days listening to more lectures.

It's extremely annoying to see a stunning sunset happening, and you not getting a good view. That's a drawback of campus - there's just no place to see the sun set properly, unless you get onto one of the approach roads to the academic block, which is not practical on an everyday basis. So there I go, sitting at the NC, seeing a stunner of a sunset, and cursing the world :P

The rain gods decided to visit us again, so we had heavy downpours everyday for 4-5 days. Campus has a melancholic beauty about it when it rains. And of course, when it stops, the valley view is breathtaking. The grass is, however, going a tad yellow now, and there's a bit of a weary look in the vegetation, like it's under stress. Which it is, because the monsoon has ended, and water is not going to be as plentiful as before.

There's a cat and her kitten frolicking around campus nowadays. They are an incredible pair, the mother cat all vary and scared and scampering away when anybody got close, and the juvenile kitten bounding around all over the place, jumping on its mother, pouncing on her tail and trying to pin it down to the ground, generally head-butting her, and roaming around curiously all over the place. It's so relaxing to sit at the cross-roads and watch them roam around. It's a nice place for them, I guess. Not many dogs around, and not many humans who'd want to do any harm. Free food with the mess around the corner, and free accommodation in the hostels, with people fighting over who'd get to keep the kitten in their room when it was really small.

Week 2, and life was getting hectic. The daily rigmarole of lectures, assignments, group meetings and trying to desperately catch up on sleep started. People started falling asleep in class, out of sheer exhaustion. The height ( the depth? :/ ) was when a professor pointed out to a guy who was sleeping in a really funny position. The class guffawed, and his partner moved to wake him up. The kind professor frantically gestured to him not to do so, and let him be. and so, there we were, all staring at the guy, and falling off our chairs. The poor fellow then gets up and sees 60 toothy grins! Aaah, these campus moments!

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