Monday, October 6, 2008


It's rare that a person is hyped up to the skies and he actually lives up to the expectations. Sunil Handa is one such man. Egged by seniors, we lined up in the auditorium, expecting a gyaan session on why we should be entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurship is good and such blah. They'd probably switch on the AC in the auditorium, we thought, and we'd get some nice sleep. So we thought.

It was one of the most incredible talks I've heard, simply on the basis of oratory skills. It's extremely rare to hear good speakers, and it's a real privilege. To see a person captivate an audience without being flamboyant or through excellent language skills, but through sheer speaking prowess is simply brilliant. Mr. Handa spoke in ordinary english, and occasionally switched to an earthy hindi. But not for a moment did he not have the audience listening to him with their mouths wide open. It's a matter of debate as to how many people would actually sign out of placements and start off something of their own, but that is definitely not due to a lack of effort from Mr. Handa!

And it wasn't that he just gave motivational talks. He regaled us with his personal experiences, his struggles, the occasions when all seemed lost. He told us about his students who had set out on their own, egged on by him, and had risen dramatically. One of his statements had a deep impact on me. Tax planning? That's nonsense. You worry about things like taxes because of your pitiful existence and sad jobs. Leave them. Start off on your own. Who cares how much they tax you when you have your own company which nets you 20 crore? Point :P As much as I not interested in entrepreneurship now, it was a real pleasure to hear this man.

I went with a walk with him early on saturday morning with a friend who's looking at starting out on his own, and was awed by the number of ideas this chap can keep coming up with. He is like an idea machine - you switch on the power, give it some other input, and off he starts. It takes a rare brain to be able to do this. Frankly, I am not surprised at how successful he has been - with a brain and an attitude like that, it just has to happen.

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