Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bouncing Back!

End-term papers to be distributed on so and so date, said the mail. Errr, ooooor, ummmm, went I. Crap. So there ends the party :P It's funny. Maybe it's not. All my life, I've always been eager to get exam grades. While I've always known that I wouldn't be getting mere-bete-ne-mera-naam-roshan-kiya kinda grades, I also (usually) knew that I wouldn't be doing badly. So there was always an air of expectancy about getting exam scores.

Cut to circa 2008. Now I don't quite know how to react to this. My performance till now had been the types which could be described by a list of synonyms which more or less meant bad, and you could still not quite describe it properly. Started off so badly with the quizzes in term 1 that there was no looking back, by the time mid-sems arrived, I'd turned the art of screwing up exams into an art form. In the beginning, it was due to the simple fact that the gap between the instructor's expectations about how much we should know and the reality of how much I knew was, well, a tad too large. In the later half, viz the mid-sems, I'd made some small modifications. Now I actually knew a bit of stuff, but I still managed to screw the paper up, either through (a) panicking left, right and center in the paper and hyperventilating my way through the first half, only to kick myself in the latter for being an idiot when I knew most of the stuff or (b) being too zonked due to extreme sleep deprivation and repeatedly falling asleep in the paper.

To cut a long story short, I landed up in the second half of the first sem in a bit of a mess. My tail was well and truly on fire, and it needed something big to set things right. (Un)fortunately, I have little recollection of how my end-sems actually went. I was just too zonked through all of it. The one thing I well and truly remember about them is that I was in the very base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs :|

So then, I didn't know what quite to expect. I trudged warily to class, searching for escape routes to take me away quickly in case of a disaster. The windows... might be worth the fall from the first floor in case of an emergency. Crap. Forgot the fact that first floor here is akin to two and half elsewhere. That would hurt. Especially since they'd paved all the area under the windows. Sadists. On second thoughts, knowing how the imported grass hurts, this would be a better deal.

Accounts. 31. Out of? 40. Eh? Is this my paper? It is my paper! Eh? Yippee :P And so it started. All-in-all, quite a decent performance. Something which should pull me back to average grade. 4 papers done. 4 to go. Hmm. I think I can be happy with the thought that I might just escape opening the DCPS khata :)

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