Monday, September 15, 2008

Of greener greens and bluer blues...

( Aaargh... I wish I could place these photos properly within the write-up :| Just not happening ! )

It's incredible how beautiful this place is. Yes, it's been almost 3 months since I've landed up here, but I still can't get over this fact.

The first thing that strikes me when I think about this is how green the campus is. There's this one path which leads down from the classrooms to the road to the hostels, which is a favourite. I doubt anybody uses this, you almost have to fight with the grass for it to let you through. It's like the path has been taken back by nature who isn't too pleased that it's been used for what it was made :P The grass hits you left, right and center, and you have to constantly keep a watch that some nice, fat caterpillar doesn't take a preference to you over the grass all around. With the way my hair is most of the time, I doubt it would notice the difference anyway. I doubt insects see colour. Anyway, I digress :P

Well, so, ya, for the umpteenth time, I wonder how green this place is. I get a lot of umms and yaa and whatevers from people whom I tell this outside campus, so I've put up a few pics which i took when the grass was the brightest green (it's starting to turn a dull yellow now, courtesy the monsoon which has been playing hookey this year :| ) Where will all those caterpillars go, I say? We already have enough of them crawling all over the place getting under people's feet and going 'crunch' :( And as a classmate says... 'this place... what do I say... I've never seen so many insects at once man...'

I just hope they leave this one path wild and as it is :| For madcaps like me!

The last week was a week of stunning sunsets and glorious, clear days. The distant mountains of Wayanad were visible clearly in the mornings, looking dark and forbidding. Some stunning vistas opened up early in the morning. By mid-morning, those fluffy white clouds came in and played hide and seek with the mountain-tops. The sky was a brilliant blue, and the early morning and evening light was as golden as it could get. For five days in a row, we had stunning sunsets, which lit up the campus in golden light, and made the western skies turn into a fiery orange. I watched most of these sunsets from the library or the confines of my room ( which is a silly thing to do, as my room opens out to the east :| ), caught between the urge to rush out with my camera and tripod and stay back and study or work on whatever I was busy with. I felt like an imprisoned animal, or like one of those dozens of (unfortunate) butterflies which stray and end up being on the wrong side of a clear window and keep fluttering without understanding why they can't go out and be where they belong :|

The monsoons returned after a week long hiatus, and the campus has returned to its melancholic state. It's pouring most of the time, and the feeling of rain on my face while I walk to class in the morning is enough to invigorate (even someone like) me to stay awake in most classes. Thankfully, the covered walkways all over the campus ensure that I don't reach class a sodden mess. The only part which is uncovered is a small 20 feet patch between the auditorium and the class-rooms. Perfect to start a new day in the best way possible, without too much of it!

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