Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Party time !!!!

All pics courtesy Naren Nandkumar

Sunday dawned with an air of expectation and excitement across campus. It was the day of the all-committee party. All elected representatives of the million odd committees on campus were throwing a common party for the whole batch, a subtle way to 'thank' them for their votes ;) The venue was a resort an hour and a half way, and two hundred and fifty odd of us turned up at Harvard Steps, as the sun decided to move on to other parts of the world, to cram into the buses and rush off. A heavy academic workload and the intense competition meant that most people were just waiting for a party to relieve their frustration. Many people had a single point agenda - to reach the place and get sloshed before the others even settled down. Others were looking forward to dancing into the wee hours. The common agenda was to let their hair down and have a blast for a few hours, before life returned to the usual circus of assignments and cases and bad quiz marks.

After traveling for close to two hours on narrow country roads in pouring rain, we reached the party site. Soon, the music was on, the drinks were out, and the party started! What followed was 3 hours of crazy, crazy dancing. It was incredible fun, to be surrounded by people in such high spirits, all in such a great mood and wanting to have fun. I've never really been a party person, the sort who stands quietly in a corner while everybody has a ball. Here, however, I was in the thick of things and couldn't get enough of things. I danced to my heart's content, though anybody who saw me found it difficult to believe that I wasn't drunk, leave alone the fact that I don't drink at all. It was exhilarating. I now understand why people love partying so much, and wonder whether I should have put all those years in a city like Pune to some better use :P

The real fun in terms of entertainment, however, started when people started getting drunk. It was hilarious, to say the least, to see the dances getting wilder and the grins on faces, wider! People fell down in a heap in the middle of the floor, or simply went off to sleep in a corner. As we had the place to ourselves, we did not trouble anybody, and everybody could get happily drunk without a care in the world! It was a hoot!

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