Saturday, September 13, 2008

The exams approach...

Arthanomics is the annual Finance summit organized by the Fin interest club, Financially Yours. Artha 08, held on 6th and 7th September, was on mergers and acquisitions, and had several senior people from Private Equity firms turning up and delivering some fantastic lectures. A few went straight overhead, with whatever exposure I've had to the fin world being through Management Accounting, but a lot of them actually descended down to our level to explain the nitty gritties of private equity. Unfortunately, Artha was a tad too close to the end-terms for me to really spend 2 entire days for it. Next year though, with a few more fin subjects tackled successfully ( hopefully! ), things shall be better.

It was the last non exam week before the end-sems. I think people can tell how close the exams are from my expressions.... they generally get more and more serious as the exams approach, although it doesn't make any difference - I still while away as much time as before anyway. Another economics quiz was on the way, a last-ditch attempt to jack up the quiz marks which had 20% weightage. It was eco eco eco all the time for me. Slowly but surely, I started liking this subject which I'd abhorred earlier in the sem largely due to me being clueless about it in class and in exams. I think the authors made a lot of headway by admitting frankly that economics is a 'dismal science', something which I strongly agreed with right from the start ;) Unfortunately, they kind of ruined the effect by later proving mathematically that money can buy you happiness :|

Lectures were winding up now, and life was much more chill, with just an odd lecture or two everyday. Exams were very much in the air. The muggu junta haunted the library forever, while the outliers on the other side of the curve like me ran around wondering what all to do to get in shape for the exams. This last week is a real bother from the psychological point of view. Exam week kills you, but physically. Pre-exam week is like a bad pain at the back of your head which refuses to go away. The bad part of an IIM MBA was here. Two weeks, straight from hell :| However, just before the exams started, MessCom, the guys who manage the mess, had a surprise in store for us - an Onam feast. Onam is a HUGE harvest festival in kerala. MessCom had arranged for traditional style banana leaf meals with the pangat system ( where everybody sits and is served all the food they need by other people ). The food was fantastic, and many people had turned up in traditional Kerala dresses. Even the foreign exchange students had dressed up enthusiastically in saris. Eating with bare hands felt weird after such a long time, but there's nothing which satiates hunger like eating food with hands. It was, all in all, a great idea. Kudos to MessCom! Something to cheer about before life got ugly again ;)

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