Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coffee part 2 !

Another hectic day in terms of workload, and another outing to coffee beans. Word had spread quickly in class about our last trip and the big-city-food starved folks were just waiting for a chance to go there. The QM assignment and MANAC quiz provided the perfect reason. This time, there were 14 odd of us, and a few more who'd gone to the city for shopping joined in on hearing about our excursion.

All pics courtesy Nikhil Kaduskar aka Khadoos

The madness starts !

It was a completely different experience this one, on basis of the fun quotient. While the last trip was a quiet, lazy affair with just 4 of us, this time, the scene was crazy. As soon as the first dish arrived, a scrumplicious cheese dosa, 14 greedy souls jumped onto it and tore it to pieces. Within minutes, it was gone. A dazed barista then got another dish - a mango mousse. There was only 1 spoon with it. Nilay decided to be large-hearted and fetch spoons for the rest of us, and arrived with a dramatic 'I've got spoons!!', only to see the remnants of the mousse being wiped clean off the bowl! Who needs spoons when you have.... Fingers! And so it continued. Dish after dish came and was polished off with a frenzy equalling survivors of a terrible famine. The poor barista who was serving us looked more and more scared every time he delivered something to our table; people had started lifting stuff off before a dish was firmly placed on the table.

A rare still moment!

'Irish Coffee', he announced, and Pallavi promptly flicked a cookie which accompanied the drink. The barista waited patiently for a moment for somebody to claim it, and when nobody did, all of us realized that it wasn't for us. With an embarassed smile, Pallavi quickly dumped the cookie back on the plate, and the barista could resist a wide grin before moving off to deposit the coffee with its rightful owner.

So there we were, running around all over the place with coffees and mousse cakes, trying to deny others a bite, while trying to stuff the whole thing down our throats greedily. The coffee beans staff watched in astonishment, probably wondering if these were the same souls who'd been all nice and proper the other day. Thankfully for them, and us too, there weren't many other groups around, so neither parties were affected in a bad way :P

A much needed breather....

All in all, it was a crazy, hilarious experience, although I have a feeling that Coffee Beans is going to levy a surcharge for IIM students in place of the discount they currently offer! Somehow, fighting for food like that is a lot of fun... there's something inexplicable about the whole thing. Maybe it activates some primal instinct of fighting for food :D

Before the action started again...

From there, we decided to pay the nearby Calicut beach a visit. The sea during the day is warm and welcoming and playful. At night, it turns into something which scares the hell out of me. Its the same waves and the same sand, yet there's a nasty look to the whole of it. You can't see much other than the waves hitting you and an occasional light bobbing somewhere before the horizon. Yet it seems to draw you in deeper and deeper. I remembered some novel which ended with the protagonist walking further and further inside the sea and never coming back. I shuddered and turned back.

Beauties and the beast - or as you suggested Pratik, Beasts and the beauty :P

The drive back was as peaceful as ever, and we reached campus in a happy, satiated high state. That felt good!

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