Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 2 - The Latter Half

It's Wednesday morning and I am wondering what has hit me. Things are just getting crazier and crazier. I am drowning in assignments, submissions and quizzes. Putting in 7-8 hours of work each day is essential for mere survival. It's reached a situation where everybody in class is wondering about the choices they've made and whether it’s worth it. We have a quant quiz on thursday - the second one already, and its been just been a week since classes have started.

Wednesday went by quickly while worrying about thursday and friday. There's an inter-section event called Roobaroo for us fachchas, and I dont even have a clue what its all about because of the workload. I've always been incredibly enthusiastic about extra-curricular activities all my life, and here I am letting this thing go by without even knowing what all is going on :| Sure, there are a lot of people even from my section who are enthusiastically taking part, which means it must be manageable to balance both. But then, for me, it's quickly becoming all about survival rather than doing extremely well. I had a bad feeling it would be like this before entering b-school, but I sure didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

View from B-Top : The most coveted rooms on campus !

Anyway, the quant quiz turned out to be ok for me. Quant is fast becoming a subject I am dreading, in spite of being an engineer and having done reasonably well in quant all my life. Heck, quant was the one section which I really cracked in CAT. Quant here is, however, a different ball game. I can just about imagine the author's state in Snapshots of Hell ( the book, not the blog ). I am feeling distinctly like a poet :|

Friday promises to be dreadful, with 4 things to be done. 1 pre-read for Marketing, a 'bonus' assignment for quant, a presentation on a Case Study for Quant, and to top it all, a Micro-Economics quiz. Calling an assignment 'bonus' is a fairly redundant term, because everybody in class does it :| So there's nothing optional about it; it just has to be done. Thursday classes have gone on till 6 in the evening from 9 in the morning, leaving us all feeling distinctly jet-lagged. There's no way I am gonna be able to get to work straight off after that, so I chill out till dinner, quite a stupid thing to do really considering the state I am in. Dinner is spent as always joking around with the gang and watching TV in the mess, catching snippets of what is happening in the outside world. B-school kind of puts you in a cocoon, where you have absolutely no idea of what is happening in the outside world. It's a strange feeling and it's a bit scary. I haven't read a newspaper since leaving home, and I really have no clue what is happening in the not-so-negligible world outside Kampus. I have no idea of what is happening with the N-deal other than the fact that something's up again, I have no clue who won the Euro championships, I have no idea whether the Asia cup is going on or over or whether India beat Pakistan or got walloped by Hongkong. I just have no clue :|

Time to round up the group for the case study reading. What looked like a comfortable 1 hour's work stretches into a 3 hour fight. Midnight, and I still havent started on the Eco quiz prep....

4 am, Friday. Finally, the last slide of the last presentation is read and done with. Atleast I have gone through most of the stuff for tomorrow. A quick cup of coffee at the NC and I am off to crash.

Just another sunrise for the B guys ;)

8.15 am, a new day starts. I am feeling horrendously low. The lack of sleep, the stress and the workload are really getting to me. Going to the beach on Tuesday was a bad, bad idea :| I should have slept that day. Sleep is something that I am craving for all the time. I have slept for a total of around 20 hours in 5 days. Sunday started off brilliantly with a nice 0. Monday was a necessary 8 to prevent sudden death. Tuesday was a decent 5, followed by a double whammy of 4s on wednesday and thursday. I have a feeling that the Quant professor would delightedly explain this as a normal distribution - Less in the beginning, followed by a spurt during the middle of the term ( hopefully :| ) followed by a slump when exams approach.

The Eco quiz turns out to be a bit of walloping :| So much for reading everything the previous night. Time to add another subject to the 'dreaded' list.

Anyway, classes ended at 4.30 on friday, and the weekend promised to be a bit of a respite, inspite of 2 QM lectures on saturday. I was determined to chill out in the evening, and it went well in the Roobaroo Music Competition, with fierce competition and healthy sledging between sections. We shouted till everyone's ears started ringing, then shut up, then started off again. It ended at midnight, after which we decided that we should fight it out for the dance competition the next day. There went another night's sleep, albeit in a fun way this time.

Saturday. It feels so good :) Lunch is taken in lazily, discussing plans of a short trip to the city to pick up essentials which the MF ( Margin Free ) on campus does not stock, and the Mess party that night. It's called a mess party because it's in, err, the mess. It promises to be a blast, being the first time that the whole of PGP 12 ( as our batch is called ) will be together in an informal setup. Looking forward to it !
The party was rocking, though the DJ didn’t have much of a following due his rather ordinary selection of music. We danced and danced and danced, then went out for a walk, hung around for a while elsewhere and then came back and danced again. Spirits were high; finally the seniors were done with harassing us and making us do all sorts of assignments with promises of CV value and stuff; people had settled in and were looking forward to life in Kampus ( though the B section folks were constantly watching their backs in case one of the dreaded proffs sneaked up and handed us another assignment which would be due on Monday :P ).

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