Monday, July 14, 2008

A topsy-turvy weekend !

Friday morning, and the skies were blue, the sun was out, the birds chirped, and all was fine with the world. The quiz and Case Study were postponed to Saturday, and the assignment, Monday. For a change, we weren’t running around like headless chickens.

We’d got our official email ids a few days ago, and soon everybody was floundering desperately trying to control and go through the hundreds of mail we received every day. We had to sift through these hundreds to ensure that we didn’t miss important ones sent by the teaching assignments, which had details about the pre-reads and case studies.

I was going through the mails when 1 of them made me completely crack up. ‘Bucket Lost’, said the subject. This sounded like it had potential. It read ‘ Blue bucket lost in hostel parking area. Whoever has taken it, please return it and refrain from repeating the act.’ Barely as I had managed to regain sanity, the next one caught my attention. ‘Helmet Found in Hostel parking area’. Which idiot forgot his helmet there, I thought. I read the message. ‘Silver helmet found in A Hostel parking area.’ Silver helmet, hmmm. Sounded familiar. ‘Vega brand’, it continued. Crap, I also had a silver Vega helmet… Rather, I HAD had a silver Vega helmet...

Friday night, and I am innocuously led by Namratha to Pallavi’s room. We enter, and they all jump out of the balcony into the room, with shouts of Happy Birthday! A nice cake was waiting for me with a tiny candle. I was apparently turning one ;) A nice way to start the day. As it turned, it was the only time I had any fun in the next 24 hours. The celebrations had to cut short as my case study group was waiting for me in the library. I had decided a time of 12 midnight with them without having any idea of the significance of the timing.

Saturday, 12th July, passed in a flurry of lectures and sleep and phone calls. Evening, and I was studying again, on the QM assignment, trying to figure out hypotheses and such incredibly appropriate-on-a-birthday stuff. Whoever met or called me tch tched in mock sympathy and swore at me for being a maggu.

Midnight, and we were all convinced that we had enrolled for the PGPQM ( Post Graduate Programme in Quantitative Methods ) instead of a PGPM. It was Pratik’s birthday, and we decided to spice things up by having it at the MF, which is a good 10 minute walk away on dark roads flanked by dense vegetation, at the base of the administrative and hostel area hill. Pallavi took him away at the pretext of going for a walk, Nikhil and Nidhi were going to drive down on his bike with the cake and reach MF before them ( how in hell they would reach there without crossing Pratik and Pallavi was something which never occurred to us ), while the rest of, Rupee, Pranav, Namratha and me were going to pack all the stuff lying around at our study place, dump it in Pallavi’s room, and run down to MF via a shortcut, via stairs which cut through the slope. These stairs go through dense grass, are covered with moss and occupied by an assortment of reptiles and insects, all of which contribute to making them distinctly avoidable during the night, especially for non insect and reptile loving folks.
Celebrating Pratik's budday

Trying to convince that snakes indeed were harmless creatures and rarely bothered anyone, off we moved, running stealthily down the stairs, if that were possible, trying to reach MF before Pratik did. As expected chaos reigned as all 3 groups ended up reaching an intersection at almost the same time. Nikhil didn’t know what to do and suddenly sped off in another direction, leaving Nidhi behind him wondering where he was taking her. Pallavi was trying hard to convince Pratik that Nikhil was taking Nidhi for a midnight drive. The 4 of us had ducked into the grass on realizing that our torch beams would have been visible. With no chance of reaching MF before Pratik did, we waited till they had, and then burst on to the scene in a crazy dance, giving the MF watchman the fright of his life, though I think he’d forgive us for that due to the cake.

Inspite of the QM assignment looming large, we decided to go out on Sunday; after all, birthdays came only once a year and twice during a MBA programme. Kadavu is a fancy resort a few kilometres from Calicut with boating facilities and a sumptuous dinner spread, and we spent a fun evening fooling around in the place. A night-ful of QM followed, but it didn’t hit me that hard this time. We’d turned into battle hardened veterans in 3 weeks!

An evening off at Kadavu !

One advantage of those stats assignments is that it keeps us up till the wee hours.... and that's when suddenly the campus fills up with clouds which move in from the valley. They are everywhere, in the amphi, moving through the corridors, in the canteen, and making a beeline to enter my room when I open the balcony door before sleeping. As stunning as the campus is during the day, at this time of the night, it gets a dreamy look, as the clouds make the lights blur...

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