Monday, August 25, 2008

There goes yet another week...

It was a high workload weekend. Its funny how work often piles up so that by the time its Saturday and Sunday, all thoughts of relaxing and sleeping late go out of the window and you end up working even harder than weekdays. Every week I decide that I'll finish off all work by Friday and chill out, or at least study in a leisurely way, over the weekend. Maybe call a few people who's first few words will be unprintable or might be 'Who are you? Don't know ya.' Maybe read up a bit on what's happening in the world. Or just update my blog for the half a dozen people whom I force to read it.

It ends with a huge list of pending activities on friday night or saturday morning which leaves me frustrated and annoyed. Monday, invariably will have a quiz or two. Having received a thorough walloping in the mid-sems, these quizzes mean the world to me. They say only the toppers fight for each and every mark. Obviously they haven't met the outliers on the other end of the bell curve :|

So there I was on Friday evening, with 2 huge MC ( Managerial Communication ) presentations due the next day, an economics quiz on Monday and the dreaded MIS project submission on Monday 23.59, which was giving nightmares to almost everybody. I was in for a long, long night. Again. 3 hours of reading and typing later, the first presentation was done. 3 more hours of brainstorming and again, typing, the second one was done. 4 am, and I am feeling like I've hit a wall. Saturday morning dawned. As expected, our group did not have to present ( random selection ) our analysis (The Inverse Law of Preparedness - The probability of you being asked to present your analysis is inversely proportional to the amount of effort you have put into it ). The afternoon went by in some frantic dashing around to ensure that the requirements for the second presentation were completed. Saturday evening, and finally I could get a bit of time to study eco. Thank god for small mercies :P

Sunday passed pretty peacefully with the economics book as a day long companion. Evening came, and the alarm bells rang across campus. There were multiple documents which had to be submitted on Monday for the MIS, not just the code freeze which people were expecting. Most of the evening and night went in taking care of that, and a rather harassed looking and blistered-fingered me trudged to my room at 4 in the morning. There went the weekend, just like that. I hope the eco quiz gave me some solace the next day.....

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