Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Start of an interesting week...

After an extreme reluctance to do anything academic related unless absolutely necessary, people started settling down. The toppers ( or atleast whom the rest predicted would be toppers ) started going into hiding again in the library, from where they would emerge for a few hours in the day to ensure that their skin got a bit of a fresh air and didn't start molting or something, and of course, lectures and the quick meal or two. Even lecture time was well utilized by these fellows; they either concentrated hard and took down notes, or took a bit off their sleep debt by being fast asleep, unlike the others who tried hard to concentrate and understand what was going off and stop themselves from nodding off at the same time, effectively achieving neither.

Tuesday was a super day for me - I earned 3 CV points. This CV point is a concept I understood after landing up here and getting that article of mine on the Business World site. I'd always written because I'd love to write, and the thought that it would be useful in other ways never occurred to me. The first compliment I got was followed by 'That's a good way to get a CV point, man', to which I replied with an 'eh??' look. Anyway, so Tuesday ensured that there wouldn't be an embarassingly large white space in my CV. It started off with my write-up being published in the Business Standard newspaper. As happy as I was with that, afternoon threw another surprise. As I was trying to make head or tail of the marketing case, I browsed through my K mail, and found something about a OP Jindal scholarship. Yeah, right, I thought, me getting a scholarship, but still decided to go ahead and have a look at the attached brochure. Apparently, the top 20 people from each institute were eligible. As if it made any difference to me, I thought. However, for some reason, before deleting the mail, I had a look at the recipients. It wasn't sent to the whole batch.... just had a few random people. Interesting. I counted. 20 people. Including me. What ??? Whoa ! What a hoot !

The next 20 odd minutes, I was cracking up at the irony. Last year, 5 IIMs and a few other institutes had almost shooed me out. And then, this year, I was in the top 20 people to get into IIM Kozhikode, based on the cumulative score of CAT, GD and PI. It was, to put it mildly, unbelievable. I'd always been very pragmatic about my capabilities and always found it rather funny when proved wrong ( as rare as that was :P ).

Tuesday was also election day for the rest of the committees, and I made it into Media Cell, no doubt boosted by the 2 published pieces. Media Cell felt good, it was quite in my line. Not a bad day, I thought! Time to edit the Summers CV :)

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