Monday, July 21, 2008

And so ends almost a month at GOK

Monday came with a surprise OB quiz. Surprise quizzes were much talked about and dreaded in the pre-MBA world, when we wondered how anyone could play such nasty tricks on us poor student folks. Now they were just another event. Few bothered to skip lunch for studying ( the quiz slot is immediately after the lunch break, which represents the only reasonable amount of time available to study in case of a surprise quiz ), and turned up in the post-lunch groggy state, exacerbated by the staying up necessitated by the QM assignment.

The rest of the week promised to be tough as an Micro-economics quiz was planned on Friday, a subject which I little clue of, though by some application of common sense, I’d managed to sneak in a score just below average in the first quiz. Just below average was fine with me; I was struggling to stay afloat here. So much for dreaming about consults and top-30 positions before coming here!

Thankfully, the eco quiz was postponed to Monday, giving us a bit of a breather. The rest of the week passed in a flurry of eco studies, placecom tasks and arbit gyaan sessions from the various interest groups on campus. I was fighting it out for Placecom here, short for Placement Committee, one of the most prestigious and hard-fought for committees in any b-school. It is one of the most demanding and satisfying jobs, though any b-schooler or alumni will have polarized opinions about it. Many think it’s well worth the prestige and job satisfaction, quite a few feel that it changes you into a mean, sadistic fellow with tons of unnecessary attitude. I’ll reserve my opinion on that! We had to do a series of tasks assigned by the current Placecom members, which would be graded. A cumulative grade would be awarded, and your section will vote for you ( hopefully ! ) after looking at the grades and the soap pitch. These tasks were a nightmare, some with ridiculous deadlines, others with brain-numbing clerical work.

Group Photu!

Sunday morning saw all of us dressed in our best, clean shaven and with combed hair, for the photo shoot for summers. It was funny, people looked all awkward and conscious in ties and suits, as if they had NOT dressed well. Some had decided that since the photo was not going to be full length, there was no need to go all the way in dressing formally, and had turned up in a crisp formal shirt, tie, top part of a suit, and a pair of jeans or cargoes below with chappals to complete the scene. It was hilarious!

Just because we are dressed seriously doesn't mean we have to be serious na ?

One by one, all of us stood against the standard rocky wall background, trying hard not to laugh at the funny faces the rest of us were making from behind the photographer. Many were not successful, and occasionally we got exasperated looks from the photographer.

Soon after the formal shots were done, started the usual rotting around and group photos. There were few occasions when we'd be dressed up like this and the first one since landing here, so we made full use of this!

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