Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And the circus starts again !

Sunday, and it was time to hit the beach. 30 odd of us piled into whatever vehicles we could get hold of and set off to Kappad. Kappad is around 25 km away from the campus, and as is the case irrespective of where you go, it's a fantastic ride. Biking had turned into an activity to be done only when you had a surfeit of time, a rare situation most of the time, and I enjoyed the usual high of driving through the curving, superbly banked roads of Kozhikode.

The beach was nothing spectacular, but it was high tide, and the waves hit the beach with a ferocity I had never seen before. Most beaches in Maharashtra are vast expanses of sand, and you usually have to go a fair distance inside to get anywhere close to wet. Here, on the other hand, the waves lifted and rolled you over 15-20 feet into the water. The power of the sea has always been a huge attraction to me, and it was an exhilarating feeling. After getting walloped and thrown about for an hour, and smacking everybody in range with wet sand, we reluctantly came out in a dazed state.

This is where we sip eagerly at the fountain of learning... err, the classrooms

Sunday night was StudCon Soap Box night. K has an election procedure for it's student bodies. Although elections generally mean campaigning, politics, groupism and has all sorts of negative connotations, it was a pleasant surprise to see that missing here. I myself was standing for PlaceCom ( Placement Committee, the guys who look after the placements for Summers and Finals ), and it was a remarkably clean and democratic process. There was stiff competition; yet there was respect amongst rivals. Nobody seriously campaigned, it was generally understood that you prove your mettle through whatever channels that were available to do so.

Monday morning, and classes started for the second half of the sem. I had my PlaceCom Soap pitch today, and was frantically trying to prepare for it, which would ( hopefully ) prevent an attack of nerves which I always end up getting when I speak in public. The speech did went off pretty well, at least in my opinion :P, but I knew that I didn't have more than an outside chance of getting through. The afternoon went by in sleeping ( the midnight of campus ), and I woke up to see the results of the election. As expected, I wasn't in, but it did throw up a few surprises. Democracy is, of course, like that..

The admin block from the auditorium

Just when we were all thinking that we'd get a few easy days now that the mid-sems were over, the workload hit us like a wave. Marketing was going to be a lot of hard work with one chapter and one case study to be read before every class. Add to that the summers preparations, which had started in full swing. Every night we had 2-3 interest group sessions and other gyaan sessions by the seniors. You just couldn't afford to miss these things. It's been just 2-3 days, and I am wondering how I am going to survive till the end of october, when summers will happen. I have to work really hard on the subjects I've messed up in the mid-sems. I have little sectoral knowledge. I don't know the F of finance. I have no clue what most things are about. So much to study. So much to learn. So much sharpening up to be done. So less time. I watch the odd butterfly flitting past me as I run from one session to another, and I don't even have the time to stop and wonder what species it is. There was a point in life where I would have dropped everything and ran back to the room to get my camera out and followed the fella around till I had a hundred shots of it. Life's changed so much! I yearn for the pleasures of the outdoors, the simple joy of a walk through the forest, the tinkling sounds of a mountain stream, the calm glide of a bird of prey high up in the skies, the melodious tunes of the birds in the canopy above. I have no time here for such luxuries, I blink and I miss that teeny weeny point which could make the difference between a good and a bad summers. They say the human race has progressed. I wonder. Have we made life simple or further complicated? Would I prefer a day-by-day existence where I live in the present, for the moment, where death is not seen as something catastrophic but as something which is an everyday part of life, or in this kind of life where everything is just so exhaustingly complicated. I have my doubts.

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Hrishikesh said...

Dude, that's some awesmome writing. Makes me feel uber guilty for not having penned down (or in this case, typed in) my experiences at IIMC.

You've earned a fan. Or AC. Or whatever. Arbit Globe ;P