Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 5 - The Dreaded pre-exam week

Monday started with a sea change in people's expressions. Mid-sems were just a week away. People were pushing themselves harder, late nights turned from 4 am to 6 am. Groggy faces became groggier in class. Room lights stayed on throughout the night. The usually ignored library became a camping spot with people turning up with everything short of an extra pair of clothes.

The storm clouds called exams gather....

The Eco quiz on Monday went well. I had really worked hard for this, and it was a relief to see it paying off. There was an accounts quiz on Friday, a subject dreaded by many. 3 long late night sessions in the library with Kaveesh took care of this. God bless his soul, he was getting my vote for PlaceCom for sure ;)

Nothing more to report other than the fact that I was also up till 5 throughout the week. It drove me crazy sleep wise, but there was little choice. Lectures continued at full pace with the usual pre-reads, which added to the pressure. A couple of project update deadlines made their way into the week, which didn't help matters.

One fantastic thing about K is the attitude of fellow komrades. We have 3-4 people in class who have managed to finish off most of the syllabus ( dont ask me how ). These guys are making ppts and holding 3-4 hour sessions every day for the rest of the junta. There are people who know 1 subject well, but are in a so-so position in others and yet, they are sacrificing their time to help people with that 1 subject. There have been other instances when people have chosen the community good over personal good, and it's very, very heartening I had heard of the good 'attitude' in K, but had been skeptical before coming here. Must say that I was wrong.

The week passed by in a flurry, and suddenly I found myself staring at an exam in 3 days. Err, we have a problem!

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