Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 3 Ahoy !

Sunday started off on a dull note with people reluctantly heading out of bed. It was a real relief not to have to trudge to class at 9 and instead sleep straight till lunch. There was the second of those humongous assignments due on Monday, but now everyone had resigned themselves to staying up all night and decided that it was a good idea to enjoy life till evening. The afternoon passed by lazily, and the evening and night dragged on as we slowly plowed our way through the QM assignment. Unlike last week, there was no desperate attempt to finish it off as early as possible. Within a week, entire perspectives had changed !

The last problem was done and over with at 4 am. 5.30, I had to leave for NIT Calicut to play for sectional pride, in the Badminton event of ‘Clash of the Titans’, an inter-sectional sports tournament. I had a sneaking feeling that the seniors who organized these events were in cahoots with the faculty and arranged stuff only when we were the busiest. Waking up at 5.30 gave me the distinct feeling of having hit a wall at a rather high speed. I was zonked. I groggily changed while cursing myself for being over-enthu about unnecessary stuff. It was just an inter-section competition, for god’s sake. Anyway, if I was suffering, so were other people; with this selfless thought in mind, I called up Namratha, who’d promised to play the girls’ event when the QM assignment wasn’t threatening to take up most of the night. After long minutes of cajoling, pleading and swearing, 2 extremely annoyed looking girls turned up. It was a funny scene. The opposing section girls weren’t going to turn up, but to get a walk-over, these gals had to report at the venue. So off we went, in the full knowledge that the 2 would have nothing to do there other than give me nasty glares.

After giving Section A the hiding of their life :P, I came back and managed to sneak in an hour’s sleep before the lectures. The lectures were uneventful; although they stretched from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening with just 1 free slot. And we’d thought 9 to 6 was bad, last week :P People were now getting bored of watching others sleep. I guess it’s only expected that the thing will lose its charm when half of the crowd, literally, is sleeping at any given point during any lecture. The one thing that really gets to me is that lectures often go beyond their scheduled time and eat up the 15 minute break between lectures. This break is really essential; it lets us go grab a quick cup of coffee or have a look at the stunning view of the valley from just outside the classrooms.

Last lecture of Monday, Social Transformation of India. An unusual subject for a business course, but taught by a person who must easily be one of the best Socio teachers in India, Proff. Mathew from MICA. Within minutes, he had the class thumping their desks. Within half an hour, he had us all on the edge of our seats. Whatever apprehensions about the appropriateness of the course we’d had when we got the course materials vanished. What a guy! Sure, he does shake your foundations and sometimes make you feel really angry about what he says, but the way he makes you question your beliefs and assumptions is phenomenal. If you go to class with an open mind and agree to disagree with his views and not get angry about it, there’s no class like this.

I have a strong feeling that writing at 4 in the morning really affects the quality of my writing. I read what I’ve written a few days later and I go ‘gawk, that’s me ?’ What a far cry from the Hindu days :|

Tuesday was again, a bit of a relief, with 3 lectures and no submissions to be done, although with promises of bonded labour over the next few days, till Friday. Yet another quiz, a humongous assignment ( need to look up synonyms of humongous :P ), a case study presentation, all due on Friday for, guess what, QM again. But that was on Friday, so we could chill till Thursday evening and then fight it out… A stupid way to do things, you’d say; but it really didn’t matter how much you worked before; you just had to stay up most of the night before, so why make life hell for longer.

Wednesday evening, and we had to read 2 enormous chapters for Marketing Management as pre-reads. Whatever interest and curiosity I had towards marketing started getting eroded very quickly as I couldn’t make head or tail of what Mr. Kotler was trying to tell us through his book. After several hours of plodding through the text without getting any closer to nirvana, the whole thing was succinctly explained to me by Namratha in ten minutes, god bless her soul. I am quickly trying to find people who’ll help with me with different subjects; souls who can comprehend what I have no clue about even after reading a few times. This Namratha dame, as smart as she is, is quickly getting a reputation for DCP ( a term which unfolds as Desperate for Class Participation ), a crime of the lowest types in a b-school where you try to participate in the class discussions without having the faintest clue about what is going on in class, for the sake of the precious few marks which are allotted for this. So we have the rather amusing spectacle of her dozing off into deep slumber in her peculiar theta pose, only to wake up suddenly due to some so-far undiscovered stimulation and rattle off a question to the proff. This is annoying not just to the whole class because of its strong DCP roots, but also to the guys around her who suddenly find themselves being looked at by the proff and who don’t a have the slightest clue as to what is going on for obvious sleep related reasons. Although she claims otherwise, we have a strong feeling that Namratha herself has no clue either, but when you ask a question, you are in a reasonably safe position; its highly unlikely that you’ll be asked a question in reply.

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