Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pagalguy Post - Life@IIMK

Its been 2 weeks here at IIM K. 2 weeks of absolute craziness. Life has changed dramatically from the pre-IIM days in the sense that I could have never imagined that so much could be packed into a single day. So much stuff keeps happening that 3-4 days later I dont even remember what I did on that day.

Its been just 2 weeks and it already feels like forever.....

I was a bit skeptical when my friends in the IIMs told me about the competition in these places. After 2 weeks here, I feel what they said was an understatement! There is only 1 word for it here - fierce. Not in a bad way at all, though. You have this huge bunch of incredibly smart, intelligent and hard-working guys who will make you feel like an idiot very easily in class; and yet, outside class, they are the most helpful and co-operative souls around.

Finally, I've got a bit of a breather this weekend. There is still a huge assignment due on monday, but atleast its just 1 single thing, not the half a dozen things which I have been attempting to complete for each day for the last week.

There's one thing that keeps coming to my mind all the time, every single day - this place is so incredibly beautiful! And for a nature lover, it just couldnt have got any better. Green is the predominant colour in the landscape. Green is what everything is, till the horizon, till the far away mountains forever shrouded in clouds. Green is what fills the space between buildings, tall, wild grass, overflowing boundaries made by man.

Inspite of the rigour, so far, its been an incredible experience at an incredible place. Whoever thought of putting an IIM here and whoever designed this place must have been simply brilliant. Every thing that has been designed has been done with the end user in mind. Its just so comfortable.

View from the NC

My favourite haunt on campus is the Night Canteen or the NC, as its popularly known, though its open during the day too. Located above the mess, it overlooks most of the academic area and the amphitheatre. All the side walls are just till waist level, so its nice and open, with natural light and a lot of air. There are granite slabs wedged into the walls. Sit on one of these slabs, rest your head on one of those rods, tilt it a bit behind, stretch your legs out, watch the evening sun light up the campus, and sip or munch the delightful stuff that NC dishes out, forgetting for a moment the craziness going on all around you, and you feel - this is what bliss is.

Calling it God's Own IIM is the most appropriate phrase I've heard in a while !

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