Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Halfway through Week 2....

Sunday morning. Finally, a bit of a break from the lectures. There's a Quant assignment to be submitted tomorrow, which looks manageable and the first Quiz of b-school, which doesn't !. After a lazy breakfast followed by a few hours of rotting around, I finally start working on the assignment at noon, hoping to finish it off by early evening. There was a presentation by the various committees in the night, I was hoping to finish off the assignment and do a bit of reading up for the quiz before that.

What followed were the longest 18 hours of my life. The assignment was like a magic rope. Every time you thought you could see the end, it magically grew by a few feet. I was never more than 2-3 hours from finishing it. By 4 in the afternoon, I realized that I might I not finish it by 6 that day. By 6, I thought it might stretch till the committee presentations. I went to the presentations convinced that it required an hour or two's work afterwards.

I finished the last problem at 7.30 am on Monday, after watching a stunning sunrise cooped up in the computer center.

Lectures were an absolute washout that day. I reached my nadir when I fell asleep when one of the professors was talking directly to me, explaining some point. He asked 2-3 people to go wash their faces to stop feeling sleepy; he left me alone. I was beyond anything and everything. My head swung wildly all over the place as I desperately tried to gain control, all in vain. He was a very good lecturer, and I really wanted to pay attention. If only I could stop falling asleep :( I was ragged to the death in the 15 minute break that followed by my classmates. A few came up and thanked me for keeping them awake by entertaining them!

The quiz went ok, which was a bit of a relief. Evening came and I crashed early, at midnight. It’s a different timescale in a b-school. Anything before 10 is ridiculous and beyond contemplation. You either have to be really sick or really anti-social to do that. There's so much happening on campus that you just don't feel like sleeping. Anything between 10 to 2 is early, and should be done only with valid reasons like not having slept at all in the last few nights. 2 to 4 is par for course, and happens when you have a quiz the next day or you are in a particularly enthusiastic mood of rotting around. Late is anything beyond 4, and usually means never, a nighter.

The admin building and library : from 'crossroads'

It's funny. I used to love sleep before coming to b-school. I would actually prefer it to so many things. Now I find it a chore, something to be avoided as much as possible, and to be done in as little quantities as necessary to prevent falling sick. I know I am probably screwing up my long term health, but then it just happens :|

Tuesday was a bit of a relief with only 2 scheduled lectures, of which the second one got cancelled. After a crazy weekend, we suddenly found ourselves with nothing to do, a state which was quite alien. After a fair bit of dilly-dallying, we, 6 guys and 3 femme fatales, decided to go to a beach, and piled into a jeep. Unfortunately, the driver had no clue that we wanted to go to a beach and not just a seashore, so around 2 and a half hours later we found ourselves staring at a rocky shore getting a bashing from the sea in the town of Mahe. After another hour of driving, we reluctantly stopped at a tiny little beach somewhere outside Mahe and decided to make the best of things. It was great fun, however, with the usual fooling around that happens when you go to a beach, dunking everybody and making them thoroughly wet and sand filled. After a round of crazy photographs which brought half the population of the village to the beach, we left, hoping to be in time for the Placecom presentation. Placecom is something you don't mess around with in a b-school, unless you are one of the rare fellows who aren't there for the job afterwards.

Wednesday and its Macbook Day !! Finally, finally, we were gonna get the much awaited and long due Macbooks. Almost everybody who'd ordered it was a Mac first-timer, and was eagerly anticipating the pristine white beauties which promised so much of a better comping experience. Lunch was sacrificed as we trudged down to the room of the MADCOM guy where all the Macs were stored. Noff fair.... he got to sleep with 26 pristine beauties :P The boxes were hurriedly brought to the classrooms where an Apple support guy was waiting to guide us through the setup process. After 5 minutes of patient hearing, I couldn't resist the urge anymore, and attacked the box with a frenzy. The room was soon filled with the sounds of tearing cardboard and oohs and aahs at the ( typically ) stunning Apple packaging. Out came the Mac from the box, and it was love at first sight! These guys seriously know how to design stuff...

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